em; XIV. i'm trying to be a better person.

90% doctor who, 10% harry potter, poetry, and sherlock


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i used to be myroary but then an angel named jo sent down this amazing url to me.

  • watching teen wolf season 3, selfie, and doctor who season 8.
  • listening to the 1975 and kina grannis
  • reading too much klaroline fanfiction

for you

I think you're really really swell and you deserve all the love in the world. please know that i'm always here for you and there's nothing i would rather see than a smile on your face.

i made this page to help you feel better. i also have a happy tag here. if you need me, just say the word and i'll be there.

you are important and you are loved.

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So I’m standing on the shore right now and the tides are starting to come back in. I know that I’ll probably drown in your cold depth, but all I want is to feel you against my skin. (semi hiatus)